Bbq lover

Do you like barbecue? Do you like the sauce that goes with it to make it just perfect? Do you like organizing BBQ parties? Then you are my type of friend. As a man with a fond love for everything barbecue, there is no wonder I chose to open up my own small company for making and selling various barbecue sauces and other ingredients. This blog is about making your barbecue taste great and about eating healthy in general.

I think there is too much of a misconception in this day and age that somehow eating healthy means only nibbling on salad leaves and nothing else. There is no wonder so few people are into healthy eating as a result! The truth is that if you balance the ingredients that go into your daily diet and you do not get overboard with salt, sugar and other foods that make your meals unhealthy, you can eat plenty of delicious dishes without feeling guilty over it. As someone who knows their way around barbecues and especially sauces used for this type of food, I know what I am talking about. I care a lot about the health of everyone consuming my products and I always strive to balance taste with the health factor, so my customers can rest assured that they will eat healthy while eating from my products.

Since I want to show you a bit of what cooking healthy for barbecues means, here is a small, but important change to the usual barbecue sauces that you may find on the market right now. Do you know what makes these sauces really bad for your healthy? They are loaded with a lot of sugar. As you may well know, sugar consumption is an important cause for diabetes and other health problems, and you should tone down how much of it you have every day, every week and even every month. In my recipes, I replaced sugar with maple syrup and honey, therefore replacing the unhealthy sugar with an equivalent that does not affect the taste, but it is much healthier.

I hope this small tip will convince you to further read my blog. I am not at all into turning delicious foods, like the ones served at barbecues into nothing but unpalatable meals that no one wants to eat. There is quite a bit of a science involved in healthy cooking, and I know what I am talking about. Together we will learn a lot about how to turn meals around so that they become healthier. I will focus my attention on these particular aspects of food making, and I want you to join me in discovering new and healthy ways of enjoying delicious food without sacrificing anything.