Making the Perfect Quesadillas for My Family

When it comes to food we all like, we are all in an accord: quesadillas sit on top of the list and that is why I got quite good at making quesadillas at home. I notice how there is practically no easier idea than to put together a few quesadillas for a quick dinner, a quick breakfast or a quick afternoon snack. I also prefer making quesadillas at home, then letting my kids eat junk food bought on the street. As I always cook at home, I have my hopes that they will grow healthy and strong, without loading on all the sugary and salty foods the junk food industry is serving at the moment, making people obese and ill.

I am learning right now to make my own tortillas at home, but I am buying from the supermarket readymade tortillas on a regular basis, until I get a proper hold of homemade tortillas. The easiest recipe I know is the one with chicken meat and shredded cheese and my kids absolutely love it. I must say that I am quite good at it and I enjoy the results of my work at least as much as my kids do. I am currently experimenting with some extra ingredients and I am learning what my kids like and do not like.  Here I found some other interesting recipes I will try soon.

The best part about quesadillas is that they can be made with almost anything. Anytime I have chicken meat leftovers from other meals, I put them aside and I let the family know that I intend to make some quesadillas. I also bought a quesadilla maker to help me cook faster and I am more than pleased with the results so far. So this is what I do to create the perfect quesadillas my family enjoys so much.

I take one tortilla and I put it on the quesadilla maker. I load it with small chunks of fried chicken, sliced onions and a few seedless olives, and then I cover everything with shredded cheese. I place another tortilla on top, and then I close the lid on the quesadilla maker, letting everything cook for a few minutes. This way, quesadillas are much easier to make then when using a regular oven, and I can vouch that they are also tastier when made like this. One thing that I clearly like about having a quesadilla maker is that it has nonstick cooking surfaces, which means that I do not need to butter them, to avoid the tortillas from getting burned. This means that I can reduce the number of calories on each quesadilla, and serve my family with a healthier alternative to the original recipe. Reducing fat is very important in order to avoid the development of heart diseases and other health problems, which is why I care so much about providing the family with tasty foods that are also very healthy.

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Why You Should Invest in an Indoor Pizza Oven



Who doesn’t love pizza? It is one of the most famous foods in the world, and many restaurants have it on the menu. However, if you are feeling like inside you lives a pizzaiolo waiting to be discovered, there is no better way than trying your hand at making pizza at home and see how things go. You may have heard plenty about outdoor pizza ovens, but that may not be a good option for you. No matter how great they look and what amazing taste wood burning ovens lend to pizza, there is simply no possibility for you to accommodate such an appliance in your backyard (or you may not have a backyard to start with).

Here is the solution I want to offer you: an indoor pizza oven. Now you may ask: but is such a thing possible? The thing is that pizza ovens come in all shapes and sizes, and if your mind takes you to a construction that demands an architect coming to your home and deciding where you should smash open the ceiling to accommodate a chimney, your concerns are well founded. However, you should know that indoor pizza ovens range from the most complicated to the most straightforward kitchen appliances that are easily accommodated on your kitchen counter.

An indoor pizza oven offers a lot of advantages. For starters, you will no longer need to order pizza over the phone. Also, if you are the finicky type that does not like how restaurants make pizza, you will find yourself at peace once you are the one in charge of the ingredients. Or, as mentioned earlier, you are about to channel your inner pizzaiolo and the only thing that is missing from the picture is a pizza oven. You could always bake your pizzas in a regular oven, but are you sure you want to do that? Pizza ovens are the only ones properly equipped for creating that beautiful delicious crust that everyone imagines when the word pizza is mentioned, even if just in passing.

Such an oven, specifically for pizza, does not necessarily require complicate installation, if that is what is bothering you. There are specialists to help you out, if your idea of a pizza oven takes you to the highest peaks, and you want nothing but a full fledge wood burning pizza oven in your home.

The best part of indoor pizza ovens is that they can be used for many different purposes. Whenever you are in the mood for baking some delicious recipes, they will serve you just as well, if not better than regular ovens. They are built with the purpose of creating the perfect crust and bake your pizzas uniformly, and they will not fail when you throw other recipes at them. Just get an indoor pizza oven and you will see what I am talking about.

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